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How To Recover Lost Or Deleted Pictures From Flash Card


A flash card is a data storage device with a flash memory, A USB flash card is a flash card with integrated Universal Serial Bus Interface. These USB flash drives are used for the same purpose as the floppy disks and the CDs. They are used for the storage as well as the backup of computer files. They use the mass storage standards, which are supported by the various operating systems like Windows, UNIX like systems, Linux and OS X. The Flash Cards are non-volatile nature like memory cards, solid-state drives and USB flash drives. The non-volatile nature will not require any power for maintenance of information on the chip. When compared with the hard disks they offer better kinetic shock resistance as well as faster read access times.

Images, digital clippings and pictures are often lost from the Flash card devices. There is a need to recover these items. There are some Flash Card recovery software, which can retrieve any of the lost and deleted videos, audios and the pictures and other files from such devices.

Reasons for Photo Loss

There are various types of reasons of photo loss from flash cards. These are:

Accidental Deletion of Pictures

Pictures very often get deleted due to accidentally pressing Shift + Del keys. Photo loss may often happen due to deletion of some essential pictures in place of the unwanted ones. Deletion of pictures in the flash memory card directs it not to the Recycle Bin because it is bypassed.

Memory Card Corruption

Card reader can be used to connect flash card memory cards with the computers. The photo loss situation arises due to the situation when the memory card is taken out of the card reader, while transferring from the flash memory card to the computer.

Virus Attack

The most common cause for the photo loss happens due to virus loss. The viruses cause deletion and corruption of pictures on the flash card. The file system of the memory card may get corrupt on account of the virus.

Steps of Photo Recovery by Software

Step 1: The Flash card is connected with a PC. The files types, which need to be recovered, are chosen.

Step 2: The Disk from where the data was lost is scanned. The target files are all found out. The Lost Disk drive is chosen, if the sure has lost a partition.

Step 3: After the completion of the scanning, the review shows the recoverable files in the form of a list. We use the recover option for getting the files back.

The recovered files are to be saved in a separate disk and not in the original disk, which lost the files.

Flash Card Recovery on Mac

Other than the reasons mentioned above, pictures may also be lost due to Formatting or the Reformatting operation of the digital camera. Damage to memory card can also happen due to unexpected turning off the camera. The photo rescue software for Mac OS X does not modify anything on the flash card, by writing on it. The photos are rescued from the flash card and then saved on the hard drive folder. The original file system is by bypassed and the sector data of the card is retrieved by the use of low-level access.

Flash Card Recovery on Windows

If the pictures are deleted from the flash card then the use of the flash card has to be done immediately, which causes permanent deletion of flash cards. Professional recovery software will need to be used for the retrieval of these deleted photos.

Author - Jazz is a freelance writer. Her hobbies are blogging, writing about data recovery and new technology trends.

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