Friday, 9 August 2013

How To Screen Capture Your PSP

Important: All scripts hosted on don't work anymore because Google has blocked that SVN repository.

Many PSP gamers wants to capture screenshots of their PSP games to share them with their friends and on tutorials. Even the above picture is a screenshot of my PSP. I used screen capture for almost every PSP tutorial (two posts yet) on this blog.

Taking screenshots of your PSP screen is not a hard task, but finding and installing a perfect plugin is pretty hard for new users. Don't worry, I'm here to solve this problem.


  • PSP USB Cable (To transfer files)
  • Laptop/Computer (To download & transfer files)

Installing ScreenVideo Capture Module:

Download ScreenVideo Capture Module from this link. It's .zip file, so extract it to a new folder of your computer. We just need following two files from this archive - capture.prx and capture.ini.

Connect your PSP to your computer via USB cable. Copy and paste capture.prx and capture.ini in the seplugins folder on the root of your PSP's Memory Stick. If your PSP doesn't have any seplugins folder then just create one on the root of your Memory Stick.

Now add following code to your GAME.txt, VSH.txt and POPS.txt files in seplugins folder. You can also create these three files in a simple notepad document if they're not already in your PSP.

ms0:/seplugins/capture.prx 1

Now switch off your PSP. Now turn on your PSP with the R button held to go into configuration mode. Go to plugins and activate all "capture.prx" plugins. That's it.

How To Take Screenshots:

To take screenshots press note button (the music note) to take a screenshot (saved in BMP format). Don't forget to run FastRecovery file before taking screenshots. Hold R and then note to start taking a video (your game will lag a lot in while capturing videos) and press note again to stop taking the video. This will be saved in GIF format.

Additional Settings:

You can also change the location on the PSP where screenshots will be saved by editing the capture.ini file.

The default is ms0:/PSP/PHOTO

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