Sunday, 19 October 2014

Blogging As A Legal Professional

Creating a strong, specific and informational law blog is an excellent means of drawing potential clients to your website and keeping current clients better informed of their rights. Inevitably, when the general public becomes curious about a legal situation, their first line of recourse in researching begins online. If you can create well-crafted blog posts that target specific legal issues, you’ll not only provide a valuable service. You’ll also strengthen and enlarge the reputation of your law firm.

Numerous lawyers discover that their clients are increasingly savvy about law terms and situations. However, much of the information found online can be misleading or vague. Creating a law blog, as a qualified attorney, can help to dispel much of the misinformation online. Naturally, the blog does not replace legal counsel. Emphasizing as much throughout the blog is a good measure.

In fact, the nature of a law blog is ideally suited to what online marketers and bloggers call “freemium services”. A certain amount of value, or information, is given away for free. This creates a feeling of goodwill, gratitude and familiarity. Eventually, all of that “pro bono” work translates to revenue, as a secondary tier of services are also made available, for set fees. In the case of a legal blog, any of the information you provide cannot be construed as legal counsel. Instead, every single post you create is, in effect, a “teaser”, which can motivate potential clients to seek out legal professionals for the full picture. If you write compelling, authoritative prose, you’ve already tipped the scales in your favor, of these clients seeking you out, personally.

Personal injury lawyers are among the types of attorneys who most visibly market themselves to potential clients. Many advertisements aim to communicate the lures of major accident or wrong-doing compensation to the general public. In fact, the compensation touting ads of personal injury attorneys have become so well-known in popular culture, that they even reach the point of parody in many television shows and movies.

The legal blog makes an excellent alternative to the “hard sell” approach of traditional advertising. Instead of directly telling the public to seek out your services, you are already setting up a relationship with them. Just by writing one helpful blog post, an investment of only a few hours, you can potentially reach hundreds or thousands of clients. Write the post effectively, and each person will feel that you have personally helped them out.

There’s much reward to be gained from a regular online blogging presence, and little risk involved. However, remember that there are hundreds of thousands of bloggers, who make no income at all on their hobby. On the other hand, there are a handful of superstar bloggers who have struck it rich, sometimes building up a career in blogging, and literally doing so from scratch. Whether your blogging becomes an asset to your brand comes down to one thing: content. Aim to make each post into something of genuine use to a specific audience. Do that, regularly, with a friendly, engaging tone, and you’re already well on your way to courting a larger client base.

Author - This post comes from Carter Capner. Expert legal bloggers and personal injury specialists based in Brisbane, Australia.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Using Social Media As A Real Estate Agent To Drive Sales

There is no limit to what real estate agents should be doing if they want to make sure that they are attracting the most potential clients. This is especially true when you consider the fact that the housing market is back on an upswing and many agents are doing whatever they can to generate as much business as possible. While there are plenty of traditional methods for marketing for real estate agents, including everything from mail flyers to bus stop billboards, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that social media is now the best way to reach new clients. At the click of a button, real estate agents can reach countless people through the internet and social media. Here are some ways that real estate agents can use social media as a way to drive sales.

Reach More People

One of the most obvious reasons that real estate agents should be using social media to drive sales is because it will help them reach more prospective clients than ever before. Real estate agents know how difficult it can be to pick up the phone and start cold calling prospective buyers. In most cases, some people may not even be looking for a home and their time making the call is often wasted. However, thanks to social media, real estate agents can quickly contact everyone in their friend’s list, as well as connections that they have through those friends, just to see who may be interested in buying or selling a home. This makes for a much more expedient process, which will help the agent save time.

Generate More Attention

Another great way that real estate agents can drive sales through social media is by generating more attention and showing people that they care about their services. For example, if a real estate agent sells a home to a person and that individual then posts about their purchase online, the real estate agent can then comment on the status and say what a wonderful experience it was to work with them. As other people see this, they will know that the agent is someone who cares and is willing to work hard to find them a great home.

Advertise To The Target Market

There is a lot of wasted effort that goes into marketing to target audiences for a real estate agent. They may end up sending thousands of flyers in the mail and hoping for response, when a large percentage of those people are aren’t even in the market to buy or sell a home. However, social media allows agents the opportunity to find those who are in the market, which will help lower overall advertising costs.

Use Digital Media To Show Properties

Finally, social media also affords real estate agents the opportunity to show properties to prospective homebuyers, without even having to leave their office. By uploading photos and videos of a property, prospective buyers can determine whether or not they are interested in a home and then the real estate agent can go from there. This will cut down on wasted time driving around to different showings, while also speeding up the process of selling home as well.

Social media is an incredibly valuable tool for a variety of different markets. This is especially true in the case of real estate agents who want to drive more traffic and get more attention for their personal business.

Author - This post comes from Joe at REAA, Brisbane's real estate licensing, training and certification specialists. Aside from writing and blogging, Joe is working on his fishing skills on the weekend.

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