Thursday, 19 September 2013

Modify WordPress AutoSave Interval

Important: All scripts hosted on don't work anymore because Google has blocked that SVN repository.

Here we're again! Another post about my favorite Pokemon WordPress core file. YES! YES! YES, this post is also about Daniel Bryan wp-config.php file.

When editing a post, the changes you make are automatically saved every 2 minutes. It seems bit weird, but you can actually change the setting for longer delays in between auto-saves, or decrease the setting to make sure you never lose changes.

And we don't need a crappy plugin for this simple hack. Technically, it's not even a hack, but a simple option described in original WordPress codex.

Modify WordPress AutoSave Interval:

To modify autosave interval simply open wp-config.php (located in root of WordPress installation) and add following code to the end of file:

define('AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL', 160 );  // seconds

Replace 160 with your custom autosave interval (in seconds).

Save your config.php file & that's it!
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