Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Removing Extra Copies Of Windows XP

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It's to easy to get rid of extra copies of xp on your pc and all credits of this article goes to EHow.Com. Here we go:


1. Determine if your second copy of Windows XP is just left over from an over-written installation, or if it is in fact a complete second copy of Windows. You can determine this by checking to see if there are two Windows folders on two different drives on your computer. If your computer only has a single Windows folder, then skip ahead to Step 5.

2. Restart your computer and, when prompted, boot the XP installation that you wish to keep on your computer.

3. Locate the Windows folder for the second Windows XP installation. This will be the one located on the drive that does not contain your current Windows XP's "My Documents" folder. If your My Documents folder is located on the C:\ drive, for instance, the Windows folder for the second installation will be on a different drive.

4. Delete the Windows folder for the second Windows XP installation. This will completely remove all files related to the second Windows XP installation from your computer.

5. Right-click your "My Computer" icon and select the "Properties" option. This will bring up a new dialog box. Select the "Advanced" tab, then locate the "Startup and Recovery" section of the new tab.

6. Click the "Settings" button under the "Startup and Recovery" section. This will bring up yet another new dialog box.

7. Click the "Edit" button. This will open a new instance of the Notepad program, and will show several lines of code. Locate the line that reads "[operating systems]". Just beneath this line will be the lines that tell your computer to offer the choice to boot to one of the Windows XP operating systems on your computer.

8. Locate the line that corresponds to the Windows XP installation you do not want to keep, then delete it. If you are having trouble figuring out what installation you want to delete, the operating systems appear in the boot order in the same order they appear on the Operating System Select screen. So if the operating system you wish to delete was second in line on the "choose your operating system" screen, it will be the second option in Notepad.

9. Save the "Boot.ini" once you have deleted the line, then restart your computer. You will no longer be given the option to boot to the removed Windows XP operating system upon restart.

You can read original article at this link.

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