Thursday, 4 October 2012

How To Install A Blogger Template

Important: All scripts hosted on don't work anymore because Google has blocked that SVN repository.

Blogger offers to so much free template but they don't look professional at all so when it comes to use a custom blogger template first question comes into a new blogger's mind is how to do that so here we're going to explain you :

  • First go to your favorite blogger template resource and download your favorite template or you can also create your own template.
  • Your download will contain a .xml file so we have to install this .xml file in our blog.
  • Go To Blogger > Template > Click on 'Backup/Restore' :

Now take a deep breath and eat some cookies because we're moving to next step which was easy as hell so just read carefully :

  • After clicking on Backup/Restore button a pop-up will appear. Now choose your .xml template file and click on upload just like this :

Now after clicking on Upload it'll take several seconds to upload your template (Depends on your net connection and template size) and after completing loading your new template is ready to use.....Enjoy
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