Monday, 5 October 2015

Time to take off the boots

Hi guys! I haven't published anything on this blog for at least an year now. All the posts that you see here are guest posts, and not by me. And I was checking my memories on Facebook and found out that on this day back in 2012 I had released my first ever web designing project "Whitebread Blogger Template" on this blog, which was called And I also realized that in 5 days this domain name will expire.

So the hard question comes - should I retire this blog? It's just $10 bucks to keep it up, should I keep it up for the readers? And paying 10 bucks isn't much, seriously. But, how fair is it for me to keep an abandoned & broken blog up?

I don't actually write anything. I don't use it. All the scripts don't work anymore, thanks to everyone who suggested to use Google Code. Most of the information is inaccurate. I have learned a lot about blogging, and I now disagree with a lot of things that I have written in the past, and I truly don't want people to read it. And dammit, I used to write like a monkey (now I write like a monkey who reads books). :)

So the question comes back - is it fair for me to provide the readers bad content? No, that's just not fair. So after a lot of thinking, I've finally decided to retire this BWidgets.

This is one of the most famous blogs I even created, and it's the only blog which started and is not ending on Blogger platform. And while I can't be 100% sure, this is also my retirement from Blogger platform, which is where I started my blogging career.

Four years of journey ends today. And this domain will go down on 10th of October, so you guys can copy whatever content you like. Thank you, fellow bloggers. :)

PS: After 10th of October, the blog and content will still be available at - and I don't think it will ever get updated..

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